Author Topic: Muslin Trouser Fit  (Read 641 times)


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Muslin Trouser Fit
« on: February 09, 2019, 04:18:52 AM »
Since Drafting, Fitting and Construction is dead and this has traffic, figured this is where belongs. In addition, Bespoke Cutter and Tailor is the only tailoring forum still in existence, this is my only hope to get the fit nailed so can move onto a wool trial, so help is greatly appreciated.  :)

Oh, and please excuse the mess, sorting wool scraps that were given to me (disappointedly most too small to be of use for clothes).

The draft is from the Rundschau System. Will say this was the first time the side seams aligned on a trial trouser with ease and pressed without difficulty.

Thank y'all in advance!  :)