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O Mast
« on: December 12, 2018, 03:38:22 AM »
You may recall that this was a much-touted film around 2012 or so. It was being given special, paid screenings by all those online 'menswear' forums who live for Pitti Uomo and dress like a film extra.

I'd forgotten about it until I ran across it on you tube the other day. It's very nicely filmed and the soundtrack, a jazz version of Le Quattro Stagioni , is excellent. The content though...

I suppose the film fulfils the needs of the people I suppose it was made for. There's really very little talk of actual tailoring and nothing much to see. It's a lot of those over-egged tales of tailoring yore and some rather pretentious ideas like 'Neopolitanism is a way of being'. Martin Heidegger meets tailoring. Also the same pretence that they make coats with no innards (even though you can see them sewing in a canvas) as compared t the supposed 'suit of armour' in English tailoring.

I don't think it's as good, content-wise as that 'Tailored Stories' documentary talking to Savile Row tailors, bit it's still it's worth watching for a couple of the anecdotes and the great music. If you've not already seen it, it's here below.

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Re: O Mast
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I removed the reply.
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Re: O Mast
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First you posted interview with Malcom Plews and now this... Thank you! Discussion about details aside, it's nice to have something to watch about tailoring.