Author Topic: Suit Design Software - A Perfect Solution for Bespoke Cutter and Tailor  (Read 9178 times)

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Re: Suit Design Software - A Perfect Solution for Bespoke Cutter and Tailor
« Reply #15 on: September 22, 2016, 08:27:48 AM »
In today's world it seems to be widely accepted that the word bespoke has assumed the meaning of made to order to individual specifications (including measurements), no more and no less.

I don't think it is accepted. If you speak to a Savile Row tailor, they tend to have quite a different view: namely that there is an extra layer of attention to personal detail. That it is more than just measuring up, adjusting and making-to-order.

The part in question is indeed 'individual specifications' because it seems people have differing interpretations about what that is supposed to mean. Monsieur who inaugurated this thread is evidently of the opinion that it means choosing visual details and from three silhouettes. Some others have a range of regular fitting adjustments. Mostly these concentrate upon cloths and offering things you ought to expect: 'we can shorten the sleeves to fit!' Well, I expected that anyway.

'Bespoke' is obviously not something only applicable to Savile Row, but the ethos of bespoke is very much in the spirit of where it originated. Aside from the origin of the term, it refers to the painstaking attention to detail (often reflected in the price tag) and also the after-sales service. Like I already said, if the word didn't have those connotations no-one would bother to co-opt it to acquire the meaning.
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