Author Topic: The Tailor & Cutter Trouser Cutting System - A.G. Chaudhry, 1970  (Read 4265 times)

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This comes from the last published book by The Tailor & Cutter on the subject before it closed shop. The book is Advanced Practical Designing for Men's Clothing, London 1970. The companion draft for lounge jackets and reefers can be found in this thread. Chaudhry was the Chief Pattern Designer for The Tailor & Cutter, and was praised as being "That most English of English Designers".

The next one is a little bit more fashionable. Still, it is still understated enough to be both elegant as well as contemporary. We have recently seen this style do a round of the fashion cycle:

For those interested in the earlier A.A. Whife era Tailor & Cutter system for trousers please see the following threads:[These links to be restored soon...]
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