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Backstand for using professional thread that comes in cones.


This backstand was a cheapie bough on eBay from the US for about $12.00 USD. It needs to be mounted on a base, in this case a piece of flat hardwood, but it puts industrial thread within the range of folks who use semi industrial sewing machines.

This version will take 4 different cones, handy if you need to keep a range of colours available.

The thread guide is on a telescopic arm that can be raised high enough to pass the thread down to a sewing machine.

This is how I use it with one of my old Elnas.

Henry Hall:
I'd like something like that, but with maybe a clamp at the base for clamping to the edge of a table so I can move it about and not worry about it being knocked off. I suppose the cones add a bit of weight though?

This one on my industrial table is nice and neat. Something like this with a clamp on it would be ideal (nice Morecambe & Wise velour curtains in the background too!):

You can open the curtain during the day time and have good light?

Henry Hall:
Luckily it's an south east-facing window and in the morning I get great light until well into the afternoon.


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