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Other People's Jackets
« on: February 23, 2021, 11:49:38 AM »
I'm starting this thread using the articles title from The Tailor and Cutter magazine as a place to post useful, notable quality. Move wherever best but it belongs with coat makers. I asked permission from Frank Shattuck to post one of his recent pieces that for me is the best solution my my full-back, large-blade physique, made worse when I lift heavy. Clean front 1-2/wide back with details 3rd photo.

Mr. Shattuck is a real-deal, old-dude trained, hands-on artisan worth knowing about and learning from, as I think the fellows who taught him were like my old tailor, true Masters. I hope this thread grows into something dynamically useful to the up-n-comers.

Rather than posting photos I simply landed the link, after preview testing.