Author Topic: new experiments with the neck pattern  (Read 1 times)


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new experiments with the neck pattern
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A friend of me and me, we are experimenting with pattern construction. The goal is that you can give in measurements into computer and will get a pattern (nothing new) . BUT in our version you can give in your personal body variations, lets say par. ex. rounded back and you will get a balanced pattern for your posture. We know we are limited here, but we do it mostly for the fun it is.
Now we came to problem: the neck. The fit of the  neck is in ladies cutting very important. The garment hangs from shoulder and neck. If the neck is not right nothing is right.
So we have gone through many calculations in the systems for neck. Not very successfull.
I have never ever thought about how different neck calculations can be. Now we have done a simple draft program to test your neck before you start drawing the pattern. we are testing all our friends and selftesting my own neck. I give you the pattern, black is the first try (neck circ 41,  a bit tight) and green (neck circ 42 and front diameter enlarged + 0.5 cm) is next. Note that the front neckhole is smaller than the back.
Anyone with experience concerning a neck draft out here?