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Odd I am not getting notifications either.

The pictures show up here just fine. I don't have a picture host so used the links from here: I used the Mona Lisa button

Thanks and appreciation.
General Discussion / Tailoring Placement
« Last post by Julieh on January 13, 2019, 10:20:11 AM »
Hello, im new and wondered if anyone can tell me how long it takes to train to be a tailor and when can you actually call yourself a tailor?

I am a very mature third year fashion technology student and i was a machinist for a few years many many years ago. I can pattern cut and sew to a very high standard, good hand sewing skills but never used a thimble on my middle finger, so im learning this as i type. I need to improve my welts and jets but they arent the worst. I have alterations experience also and make 1960s dresses in my spare time.

Im about to complete a 360 hour placement at a tailors as this is the route i would like to take for my future.

I have found out that the gentleman who owns the business has been trying to retire for a few years with no interest in a successor, his staff are nearing retirement age also. I think its the last working tailor in my town and it is very sad news for the industry.

My idea when i start and they have agreed is to practice stitches, padding and pockets etc. I will then draft a suit for a friend which they will assist me to do. I will also take stuff home with me as i am keen to learn as much as possible and will use your forum to help me.

Does it sound too outrageous that i would love to take over his business? Perhaps in a year. Any replies greatly appreciated.  Many thanks

I can't see any pictures. Or is it just descriptions?
Hey y'all, posted an introduction already, so thought to also introduce the three piece suit I am working on, my first machine sewing project.

First though, this is the inspiration for the three piece suit.

Belonged to Opa who purchased it in the late '40s. I love high-rise, the almost strait legs coming to a wider leg opening, no pleats, and the suppressed waist.

First, the trousers.

I used a pair of pants to start the pattern, then added rise plus widened the waist band to match the cuff width, just because I can and find it being wider more comfortable. I know now from WA the pleats are too long, though don't know the correct length. Also, the glutes are not fitting perfectly and told somethinbg about the seam, though couldn't understand the explanation. Anything else needing attention?

Honestly, thinking maybe need to draft my own pattern to get it all right.

Onto the vest.

From a vintage McCalls pattern which I suppressed the waist and added lapels.

And then the coat.

Serebro is always by my side when tailoring, so figured he deserved to be in one of the pictures, though the other two also wanted.
Anyway, used a modern McCalls pattern except the lapels copied the profile of a '60s sport coat and narrowed so just over half the width of the chest, plus drafted my own sleeves as the ones that came with are rubbish, too skinny for even an emaciated Gumby. I still need to figure out how to pattern the cuffs for working cuffs, any help be greatly appreciated.
Introduction from New Members / Re: Please introduce yourself here.
« Last post by Adriel on January 13, 2019, 09:03:21 AM »
Hey y'all, got a referral from WA to post over here, so here I am.

My Oma taught me some mending and hand sewing when about 12. All started with loosing a button on a shirt and her requiring I fix it myself (she was a tough loving mommy and I miss her terribly). I did make a vest out of a pair of corduroy pants that got ripped, then about 14 believed the lie men don't sew and quit.

Fast forward to about two and a half years ago, decided to teach myself how to machine sew, then shortly after was in a vehical in rush hour traffic and an older woman not paying attention drove right into the back shortening the vintage Mercedes wagon about a foot and a half. Slow recovery and still make writing mistakes, so please forgive me if my grammar especially my tenses get off.

Then about October, a good friend gives me a Singer 328K and decided to fulfill a dream that took almost 20 years: to make my own clothes. I am basically self taught using a few YouTubes. I have a trial three piece suit made, which will post it's own thread after this.

Also, I was diagnosed as Autistic shortly before my 22nd birthday, only gotten help a couple years ago, so still learning all the social rules. Seems there are always a handful on forums that have to point out all my deficiencies despite the fact we all have things we are working on. Hopefully being open and honest helps prevent miscommunication and instead enhance understanding.

Thank y'all in advance for the help and allowing me to grow in this new found love.
Advanced Apprentices / Re: Jukes Jacket Project
« Last post by Schneiderfrei on January 10, 2019, 09:32:21 PM »
Thanks Henry Hall. :)
Advanced Apprentices / Re: Jukes Jacket Project
« Last post by spookietoo on January 10, 2019, 07:01:45 PM »
Thank you, Henry.

Yet another good something to commit to paper for study.
Advanced Apprentices / Re: Jukes Jacket Project
« Last post by pfaff260 on January 10, 2019, 05:06:57 PM »
Thank you.
Advanced Apprentices / Jukes Jacket Project
« Last post by Henry Hall on January 10, 2019, 05:33:00 AM »
Here's link to pdf prints of the Jacket Project thread posted to C&T by Jukes. I found them on my external hard-drive yesterday. All the photos are intact, whereas on the thread more than half are gone. (see here, where I posted this morning in the wrong forum section).

6 files. About 25MB in total.

Jacket Project
Advanced Apprentices / Re: Trouser Ironwork Video
« Last post by posaune on January 09, 2019, 10:41:52 PM »
 :-[  Do you baste through the grainline/crease to hold everthing in place?  :-[

I wanted not to avoid that. I'm speaking here of a finished trouser. (I had to alter 2 of them last week - ächz)
till now  I helped myself in that way:  I pull the front  lining into the back leg - knee to fly , press the crease till it is possible.
Then put the lining back and handle the upper part with the help of some pins. But there must be an easier way!
Has anyone (someone?? word?) a link  to a you tube video??
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