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Introduction from New Members / Re: Please introduce yourself here.
« Last post by Mr.gustavsson on June 07, 2018, 05:38:04 PM »
Hi everyone. I'm a Swedish guy currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I am not sure yet where my ambitions lie concerning joining this forum. I recently acquired Cabrera's book that comes recommended. But haven't yet decided whether to dip my feet in the water. It might just end/continue as a deeper appreciation of the craftsmanship that goes in to making bespoke garments. Happy to be here!

well, I have made no real progress.
Example: In the chapter Basic Upper Body without darts
a Blouse
The drafts are done with the bust measurement (size 38) = 88 cm
Now for ththe draft they calculate for Rb = 2/10  Bu -1 = 16 ,6 AD 1/10 + 2 = 10.8 , BB 2/10-1 = 16,6
Then + ease and draft with this a size 38 pattern!!!

but in their measurement table they have for a size 38 Rb = 16.5 AD = 9.5  BB = 18.00
which is more reality!
Thank you for your review Posaune. I agree, why change something good? And that orange, it's a strain on the eyes.
I thought there should be a discount for the missing letters.

That book Massschnitte u. Passform - Hofenbitzer, is very well presented. colourful, concise and thorough.

And yes, I am interested to see your breakdown, please.
You say it, Spookietoo, it is a pity too with the Nordheim-book. I do not want to whine. But a book for studying has to be readable not a designer outbreak.
When - in my far away youth - I learned to design (fonts) - the first principle was: It must be easy readable. The purpose was always first then followed design.
the different way of drafting is interesting I'll start today. If interested I will show it.
Sorry the book was so dissappointing. Hopefully the sleeve section may have something useful so its not a total loss.

When I was growing up, we learned to moan anytime mom said we were having "something different", for dinner. Normally an excellent cook - on her own - she had a knack for experimenting with recipes from magazines that were always a flop.  I learned early that "different", does not make something "better".

Publishers need to stop trying to reinvent the printing process just because they can. Books should be legible - first and foremost - creativity should be secondary to legibility. Thomas Von Nordheim's book also suffered from "too much creativity" also.
Sounds disappointing.
The problem with books we can't see inside,  is,  what's in them?
The Apprentice's Forum / Re: Learning to sew again after a finger injury
« Last post by Schneiderfrei on June 05, 2018, 10:40:13 AM »
Keep all the small joints in your fingers as loose as possible.  I recommend that my patients do it themselves, wiggle each little finger joint and the wrist. Its best if you slide the joint from side as close to the actual join as possible.
The Apprentice's Forum / Re: Learning to sew again after a finger injury
« Last post by Henry Hall on June 05, 2018, 09:29:10 AM »
I recall that Jeffrey D on the other forum had to re-learn after cutting through his hand with a large kitchen knife and severing nerves. Very nasty.
The Apprentice's Forum / Re: Learning to sew again after a finger injury
« Last post by spookietoo on June 05, 2018, 02:48:04 AM »
I'm fighting the onset of arthritis in both hands. I am very right handed, so the stiffness in my left hand - which gets much less use - is much more pronounced.

I bought a gizmo at an athletics store ( Dick's or Academy ) which has buttons much like those on a trumpet, operated by springs. I think they make different tensions. Easy to keep on your desk or next to the tv and use whenever to loosen the joints and improve dexterity. I find it more useful than the hand held exercise balls. Also gives you the opportunity to concentrate on certain fingers.

Just a thought...
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