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I have it saved to disk as well.
I have this saved as an html on a secure unconnected laptop, and before the photobucket blackout. I just today moved files for hours intendeding to pdf them all and get loaded onto Dropbox. I could post it here, as is, if someone told me how. I've no pdf creator yet, though, so expect plus a week for Dropbox dump, if that even. Best this.
Terri, If you right click on the photobucket image and select open in new page/tab (depending on your browser) it will take you to Sator's photobucket. If you then click on his name at the top left this will take you into his photo bucket and from there you can look at or download images, discovered this hack this morning when looking for the Rundschau coat ironwork schematic.
Terri, as far as I can see, there are at the end of Part I #4 the original and still available in Photo bucket .  And in #7, #13 #15. That is the whole text with all the pics as far as I can remember.  Shall we put it here on this page?
Does anyone have the pictures that accompany the translation of this topic from the old Cutter and Tailor forum?

Like may other files, the photos were on photobucket and sadly unavailable.

If anyone saved the entire file before photobucket changed could you post it here?

If no one has it, does anyone have the original in German that they could post here?

Many thanks,
Yes, in the drafting section.
I didn't mean to start a chain of discussion about it, but it simply makes sense to me the very reason the drafting reference section was created was to make things easier to find if anything gets posted. Rather than the random threads scattered through the forum as at C&T (as Tom says).
From what I'm reading above it seems everyone is roughly in agreement?
This is a post about where to put stuff. The way we have it helps to keep things tidy and to stop threads containing actual systems do not get buried in pages of discussion and help posts as with the unwieldy Cutter and Tailor.  There could be a section within the drafting reference board where all corpulent drafts which can then be referred to with out the burden of trying to find information, as Peterle points out if posts are correctly titled and keywords added then finding through the search engine should suffice.
I guess I'm just looking at things realistically.

There is so very little posted on the subject after how many years of C&T?

Even now, we're about to have more discussion on where to place them than there are for actual posts on the subject.

And if there are more posts on the subject at C&T, they are buried amongst the other threads that aren't specifically labeled for corpulent drafts.

Just saying, it would be nice to keep them separate. Both for newbs and professionals tuning in because they have a customer with a specific problem.

A rainstorm of information would be wonderful, but I've barely found a sprinkle so far.
Indeed We do have a board for Drafting, Fitting and Construction.

I would prefer corpulent drafts to be posted there. When each single pattern is titeled "Corpulent draft for... " everybody will find it.
Mixing coats, trousers, skirts, waistcoats, blouses, shirts, women and men in a single thread is confusing and would be a quite long thread. When anybody wants so collect these patterns, he can store it in a seperate file on his own computer or in his cloud. No need to do this in the forum.

Please donīt forget, there arenīt only belly figures out there. There is a wide range of pattern alterations for special body figures and I think the best solution is to label such patterns and pattern alterations right and post them in the patternmaking board so everybody can find what he needs.

BTW, as a moderator I would move such a thread in the patternmaking section anyway.
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