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Advanced Apprentices / Corpulent Rundscau patterns for body coats
« Last post by LeiaOrgana2187 on Today at 10:22:12 AM »
Just wanna ask again out of curiosity... wonder if there is a corpulent Rundschau pattern for body coats? And the methodology of how to tweak them? Saw a Reverende pattern for corpulent figure but no explanation of hot to treat the pattern before drafting to the cloth.
Scissors And Shears / Re: did you see Wilkinson
« Last post by hutch-- on December 09, 2017, 10:11:36 PM »
I think that guy was less than honest, the next party that picked up the project was indeed a brave soul and I hope he covered his costs after paying the factory for their work. In modern shears I really like the Wiss 20W and 22W. I own a couple of pairs of the modern Wiss 22W (the 12 inch version) and they are nice grunty precise shears, they just aren't as "sexy" as the big antique ones but they really work well.

I keep a few pairs of the older American made 20W (10 inch) shears and I use one very old pair as my trimmers (after fixing them) and they are both precise and capable of grunting through close to anything. The current big Wilkinson shears are beautifully made and lifetime investments but are expensive.
Scissors And Shears / Re: did you see Wilkinson
« Last post by posaune on December 08, 2017, 03:22:17 AM »
Yes the shears are looking very nice and I got the MUST HAVE feeling.
I was astonished about the way the firm went to get the money to produce it - this kickstarter thing. Is that now common to do that?
The shears are nice to see but
Some time ago a gent did the same, collected the money and had the shears produced in Italy -  if I remember right. But there was some fishy going on. I backed out - but I did it because of the size of the shear.
Scissors And Shears / Re: did you see Wilkinson
« Last post by hutch-- on December 08, 2017, 12:00:06 AM »
I am not sure of what your question is directed at but I had a look at the web page and their new EXO range looks like a very good design.
Scissors And Shears / did you see Wilkinson
« Last post by posaune on December 07, 2017, 12:39:38 AM »

what do you mean??
Spookie, I was in Ace hardware today for replacement keys and decided to wander around and snoop shop.  I found a disk of beeswax for about $4.  It's used on screw tips, drawer bottoms and the like to promote easy movement.  You can now add hardware stores to the list of places to find beeswax.
Useful Tools For People Learning To Make Quality Garments / Re: Beeswax vs Parafin
« Last post by Greger on November 30, 2017, 01:21:31 PM »
I had honey bees. They weren't always here. Out in the farmers fields, up in the mountains. One bee keeper said he got 800 pounds of honey from one beehive. Fireweed honey. And that is just one "crop" of honey that year from those hives. He might have had a thousand hives up there. I think he said he could handle 5,000 hives by himself. One hive got 900 pounds of honey from alfalfa. Stores that sell bee equipment can give contacts. Bee associations meet at libraries and other locations. Believe me, some bee keepers want to sell wax. You might find them bidding down the price to sell you some at one of their monthly meetings. I wouldn't go to farmer markets for bees wax. But, you might find a good price there.

Hornets and wasp have different poisons in them. Each variety could be different. Reaction with one type and maybe not the others. Honey bees get blamed a lot. This one swarm I went to get was by far the nastiest bees I've ever been around. Some bee hives are so nice you can work them while naked. This nasty swarm I picked up the guy who lived there said that when stung by honey bees his head would Swell up to the size of a basketball. Never stopped him from playing with honey bees. Bee keepers never know if the next sting will kill them. If the doctor says to stay away from them, absolutely do! They are an interesting creature.
Useful Tools For People Learning To Make Quality Garments / Re: Beeswax vs Parafin
« Last post by spookietoo on November 30, 2017, 12:33:09 PM »
Thank you guys for so many responses!

So basically, parafin is okay in a pinch (which I did). I've seen the small bars on Amazon, approx. a $1 each. And as each begins to disintegrate  they could be melted back together. One order should last awhile.

Craft stores locally had no beeswax candles, then I thought of Earthfare - an organic supermarket chain - and boom! - problem solved for now, decent sized beeswax votive candle $3.50. Probably will last me 6 months to a year.

Peterle - thanks for explaining why not to overheat the beeswax - pretty sure Dritz did just that!

As for locating a beekeeper - unless I run across one at a farmers' market, I'll not go looking.  My doctor's mouth dropped open when I explained my reaction to one honey bee sting on my foot - upper body could be a permanent "lights out".  I'd pay the $18 before I would intentionally go looking for a keeper.

I understand and respect all the good things bees do (not to mention honey!) but I give each one I encounter a very wide berth!

Thanks again!
Introduction from New Members / Re: The Handcraft Tailor Academy
« Last post by Rory Duffy on November 29, 2017, 07:46:44 AM »
The Handcraft Tailor Academy is pleased to announce the following courses coming up in 2018. Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear courses are available both online and in-house.
A 10% discount is available to all members of Bespoke Cutter & Tailor on all courses.

Short course on Jacket (Coat) Drafting Online  ( 4 classes)
January 20th to February 10th

Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear Online (14 classes)
January 8th to February 23rd

Handcrafted Coat Making In-house (6 weeks)
January 15th to February 23rd

Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear In-house (6 weeks)
April 16th to May 25th 2018

Handcraft Tailoring Summer Program (12 weeks)
June 11th to August 31st

Fall courses being offered both online and in-house will be announced soon.

For more info email me at

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